How to Create a Web Site that is Search Engine Friendly and Brings Traffics.

Create a web site that works. So people in the world know you exist.

We knew in order for web sites to be successful, they have to be found. We knew how difficult it is to get traffics to the web pages.

We did not have any previous knowledge about creating a web page. The first time we were interested in creating one was about 6 years ago.

We used a free template and hosting tools from Microsoft, and made our web pages for the first time. It was just for our hobby.

It was easy to make, but no traffic. I mean zero.

So we knew that just creating a web site is not going to get traffic.

There are so many web sites in the world, and our site is a m & m in a huge jar of millions of m & ms. No one would notice that you exist.

So when our agency decided to have a web page, we were looking for something that actually brings traffics, not just creating a web site.

If no one knows that our business exists, how can people call our agency?

We researched on creating web pages, and happened to bump into the site, called

Site Build It.

We looked into the products, and first we thought they were one of those "get rich quick" types of gimmicks.

We researched more to try to find any negative comments on the company and products.

We could not find it. The only negative comments we found were such things as, "You can do this on your own. You do not need the products." "You can use free tools out there and do the same things."

The problem was we did not have any knowledge of creating a web pages that brings traffic. We mean, none. We did not know any HTML or keywords research.

We did not have time to find those "free tools" out there. We were looking for a product that is affordable, and have it all in one package.

And we found it. That is "Solo Build It".

Little disclaimer: Yes it was a lot of work, We mean a lot. We have to tell you that it was not easy to create a web pages that bring traffic.

But also it is rewarding. We have much passion about marriage counseling and human relationship. We believe that everyone deserves to have an intimate relationship. That is our agency's mission statement. SBI has helped our agency bring the mission to the web world.

The founder of the SBI, Ken Evoy, is a good teacher and taught us how to do business in a very ethical and effective manner.

We do not claim to be "the best" agency in the world, but we strive to improve so that we can deliver the best to clients.

The web page our agency has created enables us to do so by echoing what we believe and deliver.

If you believe that you can offer something good to this world, and would like to find a vehicle to deliver your voice, check the SBI out. or call us to visit about our experience.

It works.

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