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Stop divorce! Is divorce the only last resort? What are the effects of divorce? Can I save the marriage and be happy again?

About one out of five American adults have experienced divorce, and the median duration of the first marriage is 8 years. Those who experienced termination of their marriage, on the average, entered the second marriage within 3 to 4 years.

Is this shocking you?

These results of short term marriage and a short duration between the first and second marriage reveals that marriage is not a one time event in our lives, and "until death do us part" is no longer a common view of marriage.

I once heard somebody saying that we lease spouses like we lease cars. It was a very offensive comment but, based on the statistics, it is actually true.

We love a new car and take special care of it but, once it gets old, its care is diminished and we start looking around for a replacement.


Can we do anything about it? Can we stop divorce?

More than 50% of the families who experienced termination of marriage involved children under the age of 18.

Research shows that those children experienced more negative outcomes of academic achievement, conduct, psychological and emotional adjustment, self-concept, and social relations than children with continuously married parents.

Research also shows that individuals who experienced termination of their marriage most likely faced financial difficulties and tended to be less happy than those who are married.

Before you make a big decision on your marriage, please consider help through this agency or another to reconcile differences and preserve your marriage.

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Those who are considering marriage will benefit from pre-marriage counseling to examine whether you are ready to make a permanent promise that accepts the responsibilities for others' lives.

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