Spice Up Your Marriage: Take Your Marriage to the Next Level of Deeper Intimacy

How to spice up your marriage. It is not difficult. You can do the things that you did when you first met with your partner. You were so attentive to your partner, right?

So you have been married for awhile now? Is the spiciness gone out of your relationship? Do you feel that you are in a loveless and unhappy marriage? Have no fear this happens in many marriages and does not mean you are in marriage trouble. This is a common marriage problem.

It only means you need to learn how to spice up your marriage again, and reach the next level of an intimate relationship.

Below are some ways to accomplish this...

Reasons for Loving

Think of all the reasons you love each other and write them down. Keep this list posted somewhere in the house so that you can refer to it from time to time and add to it. When you each see what the other one wrote you will feel warmly toward the other one. This can in turn get the spark lit again.


Do loving gestures throughout the year. You don't have to wait for a special occasion to bring flowers home or cook a special meal. Sometimes even washing the dishes for your spouse is a romantic gesture.


Surprises are always fun to pull on your spouse. When you went for shopping for yourself, you can pick a small gift that your partner likes. You could also fix supper and have it ready for when your spouse comes in the door. If this is not your usual role in the relationship it will be a huge surprise.

Special Time

Make sure you and your spouse get special one on one time together. No work or kids during your special time together. It is even a good idea not to have outside distraction like TV. Actually spend time talking to each other. You will be surprised that how much intimate time and conversations you can have if you remove all distractions.

You can however go out to eat at a nice restaurant because you can still talk while you eat. Communication is so important in keeping a marriage full of spark and spice. With this tool you learn what the other one needs.

Expressing emotional affections

Physical touch is important to your marriage. Your tender touch can immediately warm your partner's heart and your marriage. When you leave the house, when you came back to the home from work, and when you go to the bed, you can express your emotional affections through hugs, kisses, or other forms of touch.

You might also plan a romantic getaway somewhere so that you do not need to worry about the kids needing you or the phone ringing during this time.

The Point Is

It is not difficult to spice up your marriage. The point is to keep spending time with your mate. Give each other the necessary attention to nourish your heart and souls. This not only keeps the spice in the marriage, but makes it stronger too.

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