Sexual Addictions: Dangerous Addictions That Destroy Your Life and Marriage.

Sexual addictions are serious, potentially life threatening disorders. Not only does it affect the life of the addict, it also affects those who are close to the addict, i.e. friends, family and spouse/significant other. In the field of Psychology, experts all have different views on where they stem from and the severity of the addiction. Regardless of the multiple viewpoints, one thing is certain...sexual addictions destroy.

This type of addiction, unlike addictions to alcohol and narcotics, differ since the addict does not have to worry about the dangerous chemical effects of his addiction, nor does he/she have to worry about going through a medical controlled detox. On the other hand, sex is a natural part of life. The act of sex itself is healthy and a necessary tool in experiencing and sharing intimacy. But when one becomes so preoccupied with sex that important areas of their lives suffer, then there is a problem. Add to the fact, that in modern society promiscuity is heralded as good and normal - this can make it even harder for an addict to see or admit that there is a problem.

Sex offenders are more times than not sex addicts, though not all sex addicts are sex offenders. There are different forms of sexually related addictions; all with their own set of desires. One can be addicted to porn, while another may be addicted to inappropriate or extremely lewd fantasies with a strong desire to act them out in real life. Then there are those who are addicted to the feeling of sex, who then will engage is constant and multiple sex acts with strangers. There are those who may be addicted to voyeurism, to where the individual may become a "Peeping Tom" and there are the exhibitionists, who receive pleasure in revealing themselves to unsuspecting individuals.

When discussing this matter, it is important not to have the assumption that each and every case is the same. Those who treat sexual addicts will always look for substance abuse issues and childhood history. This problem doesn't only show itself in a person's sexual behavior; often times there are other addictions that the individual will use to numb feelings of insecurity, anger, depression and other related emotions. Also many times sex addicts are acting out behaviors that stem from some sort of childhood trauma or abuse; while this is not always the case, it tends to be a recurring theme for those who struggle with sexual addiction.

The good news is there is help for this problem. The bad news is that recovery will not be easy. Recovery is oft times a multi-layered tool that delves into all aspects of a person who struggling and wishes to break free from sexual addiction. Before recovery can be effective, the individual has to admit there is a problem and have a true desire to change. It will require a lot of soul searching, revisiting painful memories and occasionally falling off track. It will be hard, just like any other type of addiction, but far from impossible.

Once a person is ready to step out and ask for help, they will find a world of resources and support. They can take comfort that there are others that have the same struggles as themselves. The greatest thing about recovery - is not having to go through it alone.

*Important Note: Our agency is not specialized in sexual addictions. This article is merely informational use only. Please seek professionals who are specialized in sexual addictions.

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