The secrets of successful parenting are Structure, Consistency, and Predictability.

They are not mysteries, but simple. It is easy to say, but difficult to do.

Why are structure, consistency, and predictability so important? It is because they are basic needs of human nature.

We all want to have structure and want to live in an organized world. We may say that we want freedom but, in fact, we want freedom within a structured world. Without structure, our world becomes very chaotic.

With structure, we feel safe and protected. We can self-regulate with greater needs.

Consistency ties with routines. Scheduled lives provide us predictability. Predictability is important because we can behave based on what will happen next.

So structure, consistency, and predictability are important keys for children to live in this world.

We can incorporate these ideas in parenting.

1) Daily Schedules

It is important to create daily schedules and set specific times for when to get up, when to eat, and when to go to bed.

2) Family Rules, Routines, and Consequences

Clear family rules, routines, and consequences should also be discussed with your family members. Including your children in the discussion of family schedules, rules, and consequences are necessary. As a parent, you can decide which ideas should be used, but it is important that the discussion is held in a democratic manner.

3) Assigned Chores

Assigning chores should be implemented as early as possible. Children love to help parents and they do not even think that they are doing chores.

A 2-year-old can bring a spoon and plate to the sink. That is a start for children to learn about responsibilities and chores. Each time your 2-year-old brings a spoon and plate to the sink, give them a lot of compliments. They will help you more and it will boost their self-esteem.

It becomes part of their supper routines. You can create a chain of routines like this. For example, prepare supper together, eat supper together, clean the table together, brush teeth, family relax time, and bed time routines.

Whenever your children help you clean, please do not be picky about cleanliness. You may have to redo the cleaning, but it is Okay.

4) Consequences vs. Punishments

There are differences between consequences and punishment. Consequences are delivered by logic, and punishments are delivered by anger.

Please remember Structure, Consistency, and Predictability.

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