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Parenting Issues: A Road to A Happy Family, Parenting Guide 101

Parenting Issues 101: How to fix your children's bad behavior and have a great relationship with your children.

  • 1. Consistent Time Out Techniques
    1. A warning to remind your child that their behavior is unacceptable.
    2. Another warning and let her know that s/he will go to the time-out place if s/he cannot correct the behavior.
    3. Time out
      State that her negative behavior is unacceptable.
      Let her know that she needs to calm herself down. Time out is an opportunity for your children to learn and make wiser choices.
      Stay calm and send her your authoritative energy
      Keep your statement short. “What was wrong, what need from your child ?”
      No need to ask questions or establish dialogue with your child when you command her to correct her behavior. Children will start to argue with you and they will win because you will be exhausted by their non-sense endless conversations.
  • 2. Warning & Effective Directions

  •  Use authoritative body posture and voice, (e.g. eye contacts, keep her eye level) and state "Your child name, Do + Now, Please." (Eg. Sara, pick up your clothes, now please.) Stick with it until she gets your points.

  • 3. Happy Family Activity
  • Once family routines are established, your life become more calm and peaceful. Continue to increase positive encounters with your child, and less focus on negative behavior. If negative behavior shows up, keep using the warning techniques.

  • 4. Freedom and Responsibility.
  • Start allowing her to do what she can do, give her freedom and responsibility.

    5. Check up

    Always check with your behavior and languages so that your child does not model the negative behavior and languages. Also check with your feelings and physiological responses.

    "Are you mad at children?"
    "Is your discipline fair?"
    "Is your discipline coming from anger?"
    "Is your discipline coming out of logic?"

    Our agency usesParenting Management Training- Oregon Model (PMTO), which is most researched and proven to be one of the most effective parenting training.

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