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Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are a type of anxiety attack that can strike suddenly and without apparent reason.

These attacks are a serious issue since they can affect many aspects of a person's life and can actually wreck relationships.

What Are Panic Attacks?

The symptoms of panic attacks can vary from person to person, but generally a racing pulse, shortness of breath, and being light-headed are reported. Vision problems, pain, and being afraid they are going to die are also commonly mentioned by people suffering from panic attacks.

The severity of these attacks varies, and when someone experiences their first one it might be a moment of more stress than usual, or they may call an ambulance because they think they're having a heart attack.

What causes people to experience panic attacks isn't really known since different things set them off in different people. Sometimes they start when someone is very young, or they may not begin showing up until someone is well into adulthood.

How Panic Attacks Affect Your Life

Some common problems that people can experience include not wanting to go to work because their commute or something in the workplace triggers panic attacks. This can obviously cause massive problems since this can lead to losing their job. If driving or being around strangers triggers the attacks, then someone might begin to avoid going out. If this is the case they may have to start depending on someone else, such as a spouse, friend, or parent to get things done for them. While this can work for awhile, it usually leads to confusion, anger, bitterness, and general strain on the relationship.

When to Seek Treatment

Basically, you should seek treatment for your panic attacks as soon as you realize that they are disrupting your normal routine. If you find yourself avoiding things you used to do all the time because you fear having a panic attack, or someone close to you mentions that these attacks are affecting them, you need to see a professional for help. Some people have very mild panic attacks that never worsen, and are easy for the individual to handle. But if you have panic attacks you shouldn't wait to see if they are going to get worse.

While panic attacks may not be severe enough to affect you much at first, if left unchecked they can worsen and begin to leech into many aspects of your life. The manner in which it affects you can be very different than other people, and so you need to make sure that you aren't trying to compare your life to other individuals to determine whether you are being adversely affected by your panic attacks.

While the idea of seeking treatment might seem odd or frightening, remember that the earlier you get help the easier it is to gain control of your panic attacks. People who put off talking to a professional about it are generally the ones who start seeing massive disruptions in their lives. By getting assistance early you can head off these problems and keep your job, relationships, and self-confidence intact.

What do you do at our counseling office?

Our agency uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help clients overcome panic attacks and anxiety. You may already notice that avoiding behavior that you thought that is a solution for panic attacks became problems.

So what we are going to do in therapy is to reverse the procedure. It means, instead of avoiding certain situations, actually clients are encouraged to go through it. We understand that just thinking about this procedure makes you more anxious.

You may feel aches on your chest already. We will take a very small step to gradually allow you to feel less anxious about the certain situations.

This is the research based treatment for anxiety and panic attacks. You will feel more control in your life instead of feeling that anxiety and panic attacks are controlling your life. You will be free from anxiety and panic attacks, and enjoy your life more.

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