NOTICE: St. Cloud office was closed effective June 1st, 2019 due to a move.

Miho Adkins now works at Birch Lake Counseling in Hackensack, MN. Please call at 320-282-1066 to schedule an appointment with Miho. Miho provides online counseling as well to continue to serve clients outside of Hackensack areas.

Please fax a HIPAA compliant release form to request clinical records.

Four County Crisis Response Team (320-253-5555 or 1800-635-8008) for Stearns, Benton, Sherburne, or Wright Counties.

Online Relationship Advice: Online Love Advice

Online relationship advice and dating coaching are the another way to learn about communication and relationship skills to improve your relationship, or to find your soul mate!

Since we are living in a very busy world, it is more and more difficult for clients to come to counseling office every week, and work through their concerns.

Our agency has been contemplating new ways to provide services that may be helpful for people in community. It is simply because our agency's mission is to create a community that people can feel that they are supported and belong to.

Online relationship advice and dating coaching can be beneficial for people who cannot come to our office in Minnesota. (Yes, it is quite cold in winter).

Our agency cannot provide counseling related to mental health issues to the people who reside outside Minnesota. Those people who wish to receive therapy/counseling related to mental health concerns should definitely seek for a licensed professional in your town. Each state has their own regulations regarding providing mental health counseling. It is unethical and illegal for our agency to provide mental health counseling/therapy to the people who live outside Minnesota, since our clinician is licensed in Minnesota.

Online relationship advice and dating coaching are not therapy/counseling. It is systemically designed to teach clients about communication and relationship skills mainly based on our book, "How to Save Your Marriage in 10 Days or Less."

It is more like an educational program. Education is a key. Just learning about how to change your communication may significantly improve your marriage. Many people do not need therapy/counseling, but need education about a relationship because we did not go to school to learn how to communicate and how to improve the relationship.

If you are interested in online relationship advice and dating coaching, the first step is to send us email and we will be happy to assess whether or not this service is appropriate for you.

If you have not read the ebook, "How to Save Your Marriage in 10 Days or Less." please click here. It is now only $4.99!!!

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