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Do you have a busy schedule? Do you have transportation issues? Or do you have any physical or emotional restrictions that keep you from leaving your home? No worry. MN Marriage and Family Counseling provides online counseling.

Online counseling is not only convenient but also proved to be effective. Many research studies show that online counseling is as effective as traditional office counseling.

Also research studies show that clients are usually very satisfied with online counseling experiences.

There are some things to keep in mind:

1) Online counseling is not for everyone.

Even though it is very convenient and a great amount of evidence shows that online counseling works, it is not for everyone. Since online counseling utilizes technology, you need to feel comfortable with operating your computer/devices and operation platform.

Online counseling is one of the many treatment modalities, so you may benefit more from traditional office counseling or group counseling.

MN Marriage and Family Counseling will require thorough assessment, usually at our office, to make sure that online counseling is recommended for clients' specific situations/concerns.

2) You will need to be in State of Minnesota

Due to therapists' license requirement and regulations, clients have to be in state of Minnesota when they are receiving online counseling. It is illegal and unethical for MN Marriage and Family Counseling to provide online counseling to people who live outside Minnesota.

3) Online counseling is only for individual and premarriage educational counseling.

There are many research studies show effectiveness of online individual counseling. Unfortunately, there are not enough studies to show that Couples Counseling is effective as well.

As of 2017, Minnesota Marriage and Family Counseling provides individual and premarriage counseling online. 

4) Your insurance may not cover for the service

Although more and more insurance companies are aware of the effectiveness of online counseling, your insurance plan may not have coverage for online therapy (telemental health coverage).

Please call your insurance company and inquire about your plan to make sure that your insurance plan will cover for online counseling prior to the first session.

Are you ready to start online counseling?

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