Minnesota Marriage License

A simple guide for Minnesota Marriage License.

What you need?

(1) The full names and sex of each party

(2) Your addresses and county and state of residence

(3) Your ages

(4) If either of you have previously been married, the party's married name, and the date, place and court in which the marriage was dissolved or annulled or the date and place of death of the former spouse

(5) if either of you are a minor, the name and address of the minor's parents or guardian

(7) The address after the marriage to which the local registrar can send a certified copy of the marriage certificate

(8) The full names you will have after marriage and your Social Security numbers.

How much?

The MN marriage license fee as of 2011 is $115.

For more info click here to go to the MN statues.

Upon successful completion of Pre-marriage counseling at our agency, you may be able to qualify the reduced marriage license fee.

The reduced license fee is $40 (as of Feb. 2011).

Click here for more infomation of pre-marriage counseling.

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