Marriage Counseling Questions for Marriage Counselors

--- marriage counseling questions to ask before you start counseling ---

"How do you choose counselors/therapists? Do you go to the Yellow Pages and find one, or do you go to see a counselor that your friends recommend?" Marriage counseling questions will help you decide which therapist you should work with.

In our community, different mental health professionals such as psychologists and social workers are providing marriage counseling. It is hard for most people in the community to tell who has which degrees, training, and experiences. You may already notice that many professionals put some letters after their names such as PhD, MS, LP, LMFT, and LICSW.

LMFT stands for Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and LAMFT stands for Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist. These professionals are trained to be marriage and family therapists.

Dr. Olson of the University of Minnesota listed in his text book, "Marriage & Families: Intimacy, Diversity, and Strengths" 8 questions to ask before beginning marriage and family counseling.

1. What is your professional training and degree?

2. How much specialized training and experience have you had in marital and family therapy?

3. Do you usually see couples and families together or as individuals?

4. What procedure will you use to evaluate our relationship?

5. How much will you charge for that assessment?

6. How frequently will we have sessions, and how long will they last?

7. Can we establish a contract for a specific number of sessions?

8. What will each session cost?

Each counselor has different theoretical orientations, business policies, and personalities. It is important for clients to ask questions to make sure that s/he feels comfortable to receive services from a therapist.

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