Marital Problems

I do not know why it happened nor when it happened, but I think we are having "marital problems..."

Any kind of relationship needs hard work to maintain it. Marriage is one of those relationships that needs a lot of work to keep it healthy and thriving.

When you met your partner, you were so excited about the new relationship. When you had your wedding, you thought that your happiness would last forever...

Over time, people change, relationships change, and your dreams change.

You did not know that having kids would be so stressful. You did not know that you could not have children. You did not know that your partner would lose a job, or your family would lose a dream home. You did not know that you and your partner would have arguments over sex or your partner would develop huge debts.

And you did not know that your partner would have an intimate relationship outside of your marriage.

Now you might be thinking about divorce...

The articles in this section will provide you information to help you understand common marital problems.

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Marital Problems Articles

Sexual problems. Are sexual problems affecting the relationship with your partner? For information on sexual addictions, click here. Are you experiencing low sex drive? Click here. Are you experiencing painful intercourse?

Infidelity. When trust is broken. You do not know what to believe anymore? Can you ever trust my partner again?

Communication. You don't know how to communicate with my partner anymore. The silence is deafening. You feel like you are just living with a roommate, not your spouse, and you are beginning to not like your roommate. You increasingly try to find reasons to be away from home.

Divorce. Is divorce the only last resort? What are the effects of divorce? Can you avoid divorce and be happy again?

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