NOTICE: St. Cloud office was closed effective June 1st, 2019 due to a move.

Miho Adkins now works at Birch Lake Counseling in Hackensack, MN. Please call at 320-282-1066 to schedule an appointment with Miho. Miho provides online counseling as well to continue to serve clients outside of Hackensack areas.

Please fax a HIPAA compliant release form to request clinical records.

Four County Crisis Response Team (320-253-5555 or 1800-635-8008) for Stearns, Benton, Sherburne, or Wright Counties.

Insurance: Benefits of not using your insurance

Our agency currently accept Medical Assistant, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, UCare, Medica, Preferred One, Select Care, South Country Health Alliance, and BHP. You may want to consider the following points before you decide to use your insurance for your counseling services. There are benefits of not using your insurance.

1) No Mental Health Disorder Diagnosis Required

Unlike using your insurance,  diagnosis of a mental illness for insurance reimbursement is not required. Your issues may be purely communication and relationship issues which most insurance companies will not pay. 

Unfortunately, in our society, there are still stigma attached to mental illness and mental diagnoses. If you use your insurance, most likely your therapist will provide you mental health diagnosis, such as Major Depressive Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, etc, because that is what your insurance company requires the therapist to do in order for them to receive reimbursement. Once you are diagnosed with any mental disorders, those records are permanent. (2009) reported that mental health condition is the one of the top five reasons people are rejected by private insures and go to MCHA (Minnesota Comprehensive Health Association).

Mental health issues are also leading cause for decline in life and disability insurance.

2) Privacy

Since our agency does not bill our service to your insurance company, no one would know that you are receiving therapy. Our agency hold a high standard of confidentiality and respect to our clients' privacy. Our agency will not disclose your information without your written consent and/or areas of mandatory reporting and court orders, i.e. child abuse, harmful behavior to others and/or self, etc.

If you are concerned about having mental health diagnosis and/or losing your privacy because of the use of your insurance, paying out of pocket may be a good choice for you.

Many people these days have high deductible and co-payment insurance plans. It is unlikely that deductible will be met by using counseling service.

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