Does Marriage Counseling Work?

Does marriage counseling work?

That is the question you may want to ask.

Here is the truth about marriage counseling and counseling in general.

It must be difficult and take a lot of courage for you to decide whether or not you may want to receive counseling. You may think, "what is going to happen in therapy?" "When do I know that I am doing okay."

Here is the truth. If you tried to "fix" problems and issues that you have been experiencing, and feel that nothing is working and, in fact, things are going worse, it may be the time for you to seek professional help.

Dr. Olson from University of MN said in his book, "Marriage and Families: Intimacy, Diversity, and Strengths", receiving therapy is like treating cancer, the sooner the better to obtain the great outcomes.

You may want to ask the last question before you decide to make an appointment with a therapist: "Does marriage counseling work?"

Dr. Olson cited a national survey with 492 clients who receive marriage and family counseling.

  • 83% of the clients felt the therapeutic goals had been achieved
  • 89% felt their emotional health had improved
  • 78% said their family relationship had gotten better
  • 63% felt their relationships with their partners had also improved
  • ---------from "Marriage and Families: Intimacy, Diversity, and Strengths"(p. 481)

    Dr. Duncan said in his book, "the Heroic Client," "Therapy is about twice as efficacious as placebo and about four times better than no treatment at all.... Therapy works." He also said, "60 percent or more of clients coming to their first session report improvement in the presenting problem since making the appointment." This may be an anticipation of "finally something would change."

    We always want keep our own problems and issues within family. However, if "fixing" the problems on your own is not working, and, in fact, it is making the situations worse, and you feel like you are living on the hopeless treadmill, it may be the time for you to seek for the professional help.

    There are benefits of marriage counseling

    Research has showed that marriage counseling and counseling in general work! Do not waste your time anymore. The earlier is the better.

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