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Depression and Anxiety Treatment

Do you need Depression and Anxiety treatment?

Do you find yourself in bed all day?

Do you find simple tasks difficult to do? Do you find life is hopeless?

Does your worry control your life and do you feel that you are always tense?

We all experience ups and downs in our life, but severe depression and anxiety affect your life and your partner's life.

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Depression Counseling

When we experience one of these down days, we may cry, overeat, stay in the bed all day long. But we eventually come out of these depressive periods, and go back to our ordinal life. However, there may be times that we cannot shake off these bad days and realize that we cannot do anything at all. According to National Institutes of Health, approximately 20 million adults in the United States experience depression each year. Depression is one of the common difficulties that people experience. It is not your fault to be depressed. There are always ways to overcome difficulties. The first step is to understand depression and its mechanism. Dr. Fraser talks about Aaron Beck's cognitive model and self-fulfilling prophecies in his book, "Second Order Change in Psychotherapy." The following diagram illustrates the Beck's cognitive model of explaining depression.

This diagram explains how our negative thoughts affect our view of the world and future. Also it explains how this thinking pattern creates a vicious cycle of our thinking.

We all have a story that is very unique to us, and somehow it makes sense in our life, even if it does not make sense to others. The more we use the story in our life, negative or positive, the more we are convinced that that is the truth in our life, and overlook the errors in the story.

Dr. Fraser also talks about other effective depression counseling. That is Interpersonal Psychotherapy. It talks about interpersonal vicious cycles. The following diagram illustrates a interpersonal vicious cycle.

This diagram also illustrates how our negative communication patterns affect each other, and fall into a downward spiral of communication.

Dr. Fraser stated that it is important to "educate the depressed client about depression and letting the client know that it is no more his or her fault than having diabetes or a broken leg would be. The interpersonal view suggests that the depressed symptoms are a natural result of failing to look at options to resolve critical areas of interpersonal distress and then take action to resolve them." (p.144)

The first step of cognitive-behavioral therapy for depression is to examine "what their emotions suggest about the way they are
thinking about themselves and their circumstances." (p.148)

Learning about your thinking patterns, rationale of the thinking patterns, and taking action to change your thinking patterns and situations are the key elements of therapy.

As I read this book, it reminds me of another popular book, "The Secret." This popular book, often recommended by Oprah, talks about the law of attraction. It talks about how important it is to just change our thinking and attitude in order for us to achieve what we want to be. It may sound like an old motivational speech, but it is true that "solutions are always inside you."

Dr. Fraser also states that one of the ingredients of effective psychotherapy for depression is clients' commitment to the therapy procedures of reversing the self-fulfilling prophecies.

You should be proud of yourself that you took the first step to change by searching for solutions via Internet, arriving this page, and making an appointment with a therapist for depression  counseling. You already made a huge step and progress! Solutions are always inside of you!!

Click here for more about depression symptoms

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Anxiety Therapy

Everyone you meet has suffered with some type of anxiety in their life at one time or another. People get anxious when they have to give speeches or they get anxious going to a job interview or they are anxious because they have a great deal to do and not enough time to do it.
While these are not major cause for alarm, there are some people who suffer with a form of anxiety disorder which makes their amount of anxiety excessive.
Some of the main forms of anxiety disorders include: GAD or generalized anxiety disorder, Panic disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Social Anxiety Disorder and OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

People who suffer with these types of anxiety disorders are often consumed with obsessive worry which controls their day. They find it difficult to deal with daily activities and they cannot function right in normal settings.

If you suffer with anxiety issues such as the ones listed above, it is time to seek help. There are plenty of treatment options to help a person learn to control their anxiety and have normal lives. Without treatment, people can become withdrawn and depressed, feeling hopeless and desperate.

Things do not have to be that way as there are anxiety therapy options available to everyone.

One of the main treatments that have proven to help people learn to cope is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). CBT will help clients change their thoughts to change their feeling. CBT also encourages clients to go through anxiety that they are experiencing instead of avoiding it.

Therapy for anxiety disorders generally consists of teaching the patient about the mechanism of anxiety and the signs of an anxiety attack coming on. It goes over how to keep in control of the situation so that they can work through the attack by going through the anxiety.

One of the main things a person feels when the panic or anxiety attack comes on is out of control. They feel as if they are going to die and they can't gain control over their body. There is no one died because of anxiety, but it feels like you are out of control and going to die. Many people try to avoid any situations that may trigger another attacks after the initial one. This is the normal reaction to protect ourselves. It, however, becomes problems rather than solutions because their anxiety gets worse as they avoid "the unknown fear."

There are plenty of therapy options available to you and it is important that you talk with a professional so that you can start therapy as soon as possible. You do not have to let your anxiety rule your life. If you or someone you know suffers with excessive anxiety, talk with your doctor so that you can get the help you need.

Check to see what types of Depression and Anxiety Treatment are available to you in your area.

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