Couples Retreat: Tips for long-lasting relationships.

The couples retreat provides you opportunities to recommit to your partner and strengthen your relationship. 

Some people may ask "Why do I need it?"

In our busy society, we tend to forget what is important in our life. We get up, cook for kids, go to work, pay the bills, do laundry, etc. There are so many things we have to do every day as part of our daily routine that we do not even have time to sit down and reflect on our day.

Accumulated stress caused by our busy lives tends to lead us to arguments, misunderstandings, and conflicts. You know it is not what you want, and it is not what you dreamed about on your wedding day.

On your wedding day, you were happy, your partner was happy, and your family was happy. In front of all the people, you looked into your partner's eyes and said "I do," and the joy came in to your life.

The wedding is part of our society's ritual to declare your commitment to your partner. The couples retreat is another form of ritual to redeclare your commitment to your partner while learning new skills to strengthen and harmonize your marriage.

Relationships are an on-going project. It is hard for everyone to carry on the same sense of commitment you had on your wedding day. Occasional rituals will help you carry on the sense of commitment and save your marriage and relationship.

You will be able to have the life and relationship you want if you continue to visualize them and commit to work on them. It is not meant to save a disastrous marriage but to enhance and stimulate a good marriage. It can be looked at as the "36,000 mile check up and preventative maintenance program."

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Our retreat is for any couples who are committed to each other. It can be used for marriages in their second to fiftieth year of marriage. Each couple can be assured that the process will enrich and strengthen their marriage. We will utilize couples inventories to provide you a snap shot of your relationship including your relationship's strengths and growth areas. Do you want to know how to spice up your marriage?

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