Best Therapy that works

Why do you choose my agency? It is because I offer best therapy that works. How do we know it works? It is because I ask our clients!

At the beginning and end of the session, my clients will be asked to complete the form, called Brief Mood Survey, to let me know how they are doing. The form has 5 items, which are depression, anxiety, suicidal indication, anger, positive feelings, and relationship scales.

Also at the end of the session, my clients will be asked to complete Evaluation of Therapy Session forms. That ask clients about therapist's empathy level, helpfulness, satisfaction, client's commitment level, negative feelings, difficulties, and what they like least and most. 

These forms are research based and created by Dr. David Burns who is a well know psychiatrist and a creator of TEAM-CBT. He received training from the founder of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dr. Beck, and continue to contribute to the development of CBT. He wrote a best seller book "Feeling Good" that help so many readers overcome their depression and anxiety.

Most therapist's office do not ask clients to complete surveys at the each session, at the beginning and end. In fact, I have never met any therapists who do that in their practice.

How does your therapist know how you are doing, and how you felt about each session without asking clients?

After all therapy is for clients, and I need to know whether or not what I am providing is helpful for my clients. Based on the client's feedback, I am able to provide individualized treatment for my clients.

My agency is thrive to provide high quality and research based treatment. I offer individualized treatment to meet our client's specific needs.

You are not number. I care about your life and feel honor to work with you.

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