Benefits of Marriage Counseling

Benefits of marriage counseling:

What you would gain from marriage counseling.

The word "marriage counseling" may be intimidating you. Many people may think "Why do we need marriage counseling? We should be able to fix our problems on our own." We are sure that many people actually overcome temporary marital difficulties and keep their marriages together.

However, we are also sure that there are many people in community who are struggling in their relationship and feel like they are "stuck." It is very natural for human beings to continue to do the same things even though we know they will not bring any solutions. We feel stuck and feel like we are on a hopeless treadmill.

Marital communication is one of these things that we tend to do the same things over and over again with a hope that this time will miraculously brings us a different outcome. Many people may experience the vicious cycles of "nagging wife and withdrawing husband," or "attack/defense" patterns. You do not know what else to do.

If you find yourself in this vicious cycle of negative patterns and feel stuck, it is time for you to seek marriage therapy.

Here are three benefits of marriage counseling.

Benefits of Marriage Counseling1: Learning new communication skills to enhance and strengthen your relationship

The marriage counseling we offer will most likely focus on the relationship and communication patterns between you and your partner.

We usually teach our clients different communication skills to bring different outcomes.

We have noticed through our practice that many couples simply do not have adequate skill sets to overcome difficulties and challenges. Good news for this is that you can learn these skills and easily apply them to your relationship.

After our clients learn and use the new communication skills that will enhance and strengthen their relationship, they sometimes say, "I do not remember why we were fighting and what we were fighting about anymore".

New communication patterns emerged, and new relationship emerged.

Benefits of Marriage Counseling2: Reconnecting with your emotions and your partner

You may say "yeah, yeah,those communication skills. "I statement," right? We read about them in communication books, tried them, and did not work." You are actually right. Just using communication skills without learning about your emotions and your partner's emotions does not work well. It does not work especially for those couples who have been married for a long time and are extremely distressed because of the past marital issues.

What happen is that your emotions stemming from the past issues are preventing you form genuinely and correctly using the effective communication skills.

We are human beings who have emotions. We need to work on anger, resentment, and/or frustration stemming from the past.

We will help you overcome the obstacles. We will teach you how to manage your emotions, understand your partner's emotions, and reconnect with your partner.

Benefits of Marriage Counseling3: Cost effectiveness

Another benefit is the cost effectiveness. Dr. Olson said in his book, "Marriages and Families: Intimacy, Diversity, and Strengths," "Marital and family therapy is a relatively short process, as compared to traditional individual therapy provided by psychiatrists and psychologists. The median number of session for the marital and family therapy was 12. The average length of therapy was 11 sessions for couples therapy."

Our therapy fee is $95 per session. So based on Dr. Olson's report, the average total cost for marriage counseling is $95 X 11= $1,140. Would you say it is a great deal if you can save your marriage for $1,140? I would say so.

For a $1,140-investment in your marriage, the return is huge. We can avoid future marital conflicts, and can be less distress in our relationship, and can have emotionally healthier and happier lives.

Just filing for divorce in Minnesota normally costs about $400 to $500 (It does not include fees to a lawyer/two lawyers, of course). Some of our clients told us that they were planning to file for divorce, and found out that it would cost about $400 to just file it. So they decided to invest their hard-earning $400 in therapy.  That's smart!

Please click here for the real cost of divorce.

Most people will live until 75 to 80 years old. If $1,140 will save your marriage and save the next 20 to 40 years of your marital relationship, would you say that was a great investment in your life?

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