Anxiety Disorder: Worries, Anxiety, Anger: What are they and how to deal with them?

Anxiety Disorder is one of the most common symptoms I treat in my practice. Anxiety is tricky yet easily treated if you know how to deal with it. You, however, need to start treatment as soon as you notice consistent level of anxiety symptoms. 

Most people, however, do not know what anxiety is. Some may feel "just being anxious," like the feelings that you get right before giving a public speech. Some people feel a bit annoyed and irritated for the things that other people may think that they are not big deals. Some people experience physiological changes such as racing heart beat or sweaty palms. Some people may have headaches, stomachaches, or heart burn.

We tend to overlook those symptoms and think that they will go away soon. We tend to associate these symptoms with other reasons, not with anxiety. We may think that "I am just tired," or "I may be catching a cold or flu."

If they do not go away, we tend to create unhealthy coping skills in an effort to avoid those negative feelings. We may drink and smoke more, or just avoid some situations that make us "a bit" more anxious.

~Unhealthy copings skills will create a vicious cycles of Anxiety Disorder~

These unhealthy coping skills really make our anxiety worse. Avoiding somethings is one of the worst things we can do to our anxiety. It gives us temporary relief from the negative feelings and reinforces us to use unhealthy coping skills more because they help us to avoid the negative feelings.

Once this negative vicious cycle kicks in, our anxiety will quickly get worse. At this point, if you do not seek therapy, you may develop depression or paranoia due to the severe anxiety.

I know some people who could not leave their own room because they believe that they will get ill (fear of being ill), or someone will attack them. I know some people who have given up on driving because of severe anxiety.

You may think that it is ridiculous that people decide to stay in their room because of their fear and worries. You may think that it will never happen to you. The people who could not leave the room, thought the same way. They thought that it would not happen to them. That's how easy it is to develop severe anxiety if you did not treat it right away.

Gender differences? Anger or Anxiety?

I also see some cultural/gender differences in anxiety. Women tend to express their anxiety and worries easier than men. Many male clients came to my office stating that they have "anger issues." Some male clients were told that they need to see a therapist to deal with "their anger issues" by their boss because of the trouble that they had at their workplace.

After the first session, I usually explain to them that what they are experiencing is not "anger issues" but anxiety. Many male clients appear to be surprised by my input but eager to learn anxiety management techniques because they want to go back to work as soon as possible.

Once you come to my office, and learn about anxiety and anxiety disorder, and how to deal with it, you will be most likely diminish your anxiety symptoms.

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