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Thinking about Getting Individual, Family, or Marriage Counseling?

Marriage Counseling/Family Counseling

Is your relationship on the rocks? Have you been thinking about ending the relationship yourself? Are you struggling with your partner's ADHD, Asperger's Disorder , OCD, Depression , or Addiction problems ? Is your child out of control? Are you frustrated because your child does not listen to you at all? Do you feel hopeless because nothing seems to work to control yourchild's ADHD , or Autism Spectrum Disorder related behavior?

If so, my heart goes out to you. Relationships with our partner and/or child are often times our greatest source of happiness and can be our greatest source of despair.

Our agency uses research based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Parenting Management Training-Oregon Model (PMTO), and Gottman Marriage Therapy to teach you useful and effective tools. Once you master the techniques, you can use the tools anytime in your life to maneuver the challenges you may face in your life.

Thinking about getting individual counseling?
Anxiety , depression , past trauma, anger issues

Thinking about getting family counseling?
ADHD , Autism Spectrum Disorder, Executive Functioning related behavioral issues.Parenting, and family communication issues. Does your child seem to be depressed?

5 Steps to Simplify Your Life

What's Therapy Anyway?

Do I have Anger Issues?

Are you opening your two eyes wide open?
What is preventing you from thriving in your life?
What story do you live in? Do you want to change it?

We all tend to believe that our lives we live in are what we get, and our feelings of anger, resentment, and frustration toward ourselves and others are part of the life that we cannot do anything about it. In fact, some may feel that we are "entitled" the feelings.

It may be difficult to imagine the life and emotions we have never experienced, but there are always possibility that we can live the lives that we want, and control our emotions instead of being controlled by them. I do not know who told me the wisdom words, but some wise people said, "most people live with one eye closed." It means that most people live their lives without even challenging themselves to push them further and thrive further.

If you feel that your life is just not working for you, negative emotions are controlling you, and your beliefs about yourself and others became your obstacles, it is time for you to re-write your story. You can create a story and live the life you want.

Only obstacle you have is you  You have options to choose. You can choose to create the story you like or remain status-quo and blame your life and others.

Which life would you like to live in?

ADHD in a relationship

ADHD is a serious difficulty that affects not only the individuals who were diagnosed with ADHD but also the families who live with him/her. ADHD does not affect only children but also affect adults. Marriage can be difficult if you and/or your partner are struggling with ADHD symptoms. You will need to be educated and learn how to deal with many issues related to ADHD symptoms. Our agency will be able to help you learn new communication and relationship skills to overcome difficulties and save your marriage through marriage counseling/family counseling. Click here for resources for ADHD. or Click here for books about ADHD.

Minnesota Marriage and Family Counseling provides individual, family, and marriage counseling services in St. Cloud and Hackensack MN.

We are conveniently located to serve the residents of St. Cloud, Sartell, Waite Park, St. Joseph, Cold Spring, Rice, Foley, Clear Water, Clear Lake, Avon, Albany, and Monticello, MN as well as St. Paul and Minneapolis.

The Hackensack office allows us to reach the residents who live in Northern Minnesota such as Baxter, Pequot Lakes, Pine River, Backus,Walker, and Bemidji.

we are here to help you. Please do not worry by yourself. Let us find solutions that make your relationships stronger and healthier. No more pain and struggles.

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It is also our hope that this web site will provide valuable information on mental health, marriage counseling, marriage tips, relationships, and communication to those who cannot meet us in person.

We would like to continue to provide the best quality of contents about relationships, and to educate and promote healthy relationships.

Our agency serves central and northern Minnesota including St. Cloud, Rice, Sauk Rapids, Sartell, Little Falls, Brainerd, Walker, Hackensack, Pine Reiver, and Backus.

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